August 18, 2007

For the last few weeks, we have been searching high and low for the books and items that have been requested in our store over the years and we've have considerable success. However, our biggest enemy has been the incorrect number, and so if you have entered a request with us in the past, and have since changed your contact information, please be sure to contact us with an update.
Also, we now take requess online.
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Basement Purge
In the next few weeks, the basement will be going through an update. Be Prepared to see the discount area filled with fresh stock in most subjects and better organized into smaller micro sections like the main floor. The days when one could sit and search for hours through assorted books will be gone. For those who do enjoy the art of rumaging through the basement, the 'as is' section will still be very loosely categorized and was also recently turned over with new stock.

Discounted Sets
Due to recently bought collections, there is a need to move stock. To do so a few assorted sets, such as a 23 volumed set of Canada and its Provinces (rebound, $40) or a 22 volumed Deluxe Edition set of Harvard Classics (was $200, now $100), have been placed at marked down prices out in front of our store. If you want to impress your friends with your collection or simply have some shelf space to fill, be sure to check them out.

Antiques and Collection Reference
Our second floor boasts of two new antique reference guides as it's feature sales this month.

Diecast Cars of the 1960s
Depression Era Glassware
Diecast Cars of the 1960s
Mac Ragan
Contains: Reference to miniaturized versions of the cars of the 60s, Tips and Guidelines from the top collectors, and Price and value guides for some of the most collectible diecasts
Was $14.95 Now $4.00 each

Depression Era Glassware
Carl F. Luckey
Features exquisitely detailed line drawings of more than 150 of the most popular glass patterns. Eight Pages of colour photographs, thousands of listings, and updated pricings. Allows you to buy and sell with confidence.
Was $15.99 now $4.00 each.

Updated Stock
We have recently turned over Reference and Art on the main floor. Can't find what was here last week? Be sure to check out the basement's newly reduced stock.

2008 London Ontario Calendars
Just in this week, Attic Books is selling the new 2008 London, Ontario Calendar with photography by Richard Bain. It displays classic scenes of well known London buildings and parks and will keep you up to date on annual festivals and events, and is a great gift idea.

2008 London Calendar
$12.95 + tax

Downtown Festivals and Events
Nightwalk with the Spirits - August 18 -Ska-Nah-Doht Iroquoian Village/Longwoods Road Conservation Area
East Coast Festival - Aug 24-26 - Covent Garden Market
Dance Extreme "Extreme Fun" Fair - August 25 - Western Fairgrounds

Feature Items

Staff Summer Reading Picks
With summer and it's evenings are winding down, it's the perfect time to pick up some of those old favorite reads.
The Oryx and Crake
Sexing the Cherry
Jen's Choice
The Oryx and Crake
Margaret Atwood
Found in Hardcover Canadian Fiction
A work of specative fiction, Oryx and Crake critically examines developments in (medical) science and technology such as xenotransplantation and genetic engineering, particularly the creation of transgenic animals.

Kaily's Choice
Sexing the Cherry
Jeanette Winterson
Found in Paperback Fiction
Sexing the Cherry is complicated and beautifully simple novelthat explains the philosophy of everyday life: love, loss and time.

The Good Soldier
The Hawkline Monster
Jan's Choice
The Good Soldier Svejk
Jaroslav Hasek
Found in Literature
An unfinished satirical novel, The Good Soldier Svejk, tells a story of the Czech veteran Josef Švejk and his adventures in the army. It describe events taking place during the war's first year, as Švejk joins the army and has various adventures, first in rear areas, and then during a long anabasis to rejoin his unit on the front lines.
Marvin's Choice
The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western
Richard Brautigan
Found in Literature
Richard Brautigan's fifth novel, and the first to parody a literary genre. It combines wildness and wit, mystery and maturity, sensuality and suspense.A 15 year-old girl gathers men to kill a monster that lives in the ice caves under the basement of Miss Hawkline's house.
Mini-Bike Hero
The Wasteland and Other Poems
Jason's Choice
Mini-Bike Hero
Claire MacKay
Found in Children's
As an avid lover of cover art, Jason has chosen Mini-Bike Hero for it's unique and grotesque depiction of a dead dirt-biker and child in distress.
TJ (Honourary Staff Member)'s Choice
The Waste Land and Other Poems
T.S. Eliot
Found in Poetry
"The Waste Land" is both a poetic diagnosis of an ailing civilization and a desperate quest for spiritual renewal.

The Urban Knitter
The Immortal Highlander
Vanessa's Choice
The Urban Knitter

Lily M. Chin
Found in Crafts and Fashion
Contains patterns for the urban knitter in your life. Knit now items like ballet slippers, buttonless evening cadri-jackets, or a convertiable handbag.

Cassandra's Choice
The Immortal Highlander
Karen Marie Moning
Found in Romance
Filled with magical love, passion and impossible odds, this is a summer read that would make any romance lover tingle with anticipation.
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